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Americans with Disabilities

“Training Module/Simulator Certification Program”



Read Me First! 


The ADA Standards Training Module:


            ADA Standards Training Module, contains a 12-chapter training program that focuses on the ADA-related topics outlined in the 2015 “Accessibility Reference Guide for Virginia Building Professionals”.


            At the end of each chapter, students are presented with a quiz.  Passing each chapter quiz with a score of 80% or higher provides a certificate of completion at the end of module.  This certificate can be printed and forwarded to the Virginia Department of Housing and Community Development (or other certification entities) for Continuing Education Units (CEU’s).


            To access the training module, simply click on this icon

     “Launch_Story”.  The program will open and the user may begin the training module. 


            Note:  Please be aware that if the program is turned off before completion that all progress on quizzes will be lost.  If the user must interrupt progress on the module please just minimize it on the computer until ready to resume.   


The ADA Training—Practice/Simulator Module:


            ADA Training—Practice /Simulator Module is an inter-active computer simulation of four environments:  1) kitchen spaces; 2) interior spaces; 3) bathroom spaces; and 4) exterior spaces.  The simulations allow a student to move around selected spaces and identify accessibility problems and issues.


            To access the simulator module, simply click on this icon

 labeled “ “Launch Here”.  The program will open the user may begin working with the simulator.


            Note:  the simulator program is not compatible with Apple/McIntosh products but can be accessed online at www.vacil.org.



            The remaining files on the flash drive contain reference files which include a PDF version of the “Accessibility Reference Guide for Virginia Building Professionals”.